To Kluang, Johor by KTM Train

A day trip to Kluang, before the KTM stops running to Tanjong Pagar station, Singapore.  It's interesting that one passed Malaysian Immigration before the Singapore one.  Malaysian Immigration merely stamped the words " Tanjong Pagar Station" and the date on their entry card. No complete stamp, probably because Singapore opposes it.

As for Kluang, it's a small, sleepy town.  Most shops were closed on Sunday.  The eateries we noted online weren't that amazing, maybe a matter of expectations management.  I have to say that the local coffee, or at least the one at the Rail Cafe, was good.  It was a wet, rainy day, hence not pleasant to walk around.  After some food, we decided to take a bus to JB to return to Singapore (instead of waiting another two hours for the train).

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