Hinterland: Tour of Iraq

Iraq- Mesopotamia-Kurdistan

North Iraq Kurdistan and Kurdistan Iran
This, our tour exploring the Kurdish Worlds, began in Turkey in 2007 and has operated successfully ever since. We are operating on 14 May 2009 and 5 September 2009.

Present situation in Mesopotamia (Iraq)
Our Mesopotamian tours have been on hold for some time as we could not guarantee travel around Iraq or access to many of the sites. However we have always been optimistic and as a result of Geoff's latest visit to Baghdad and the south on the 19th November 2008 we are cautiously announcing our resumption of tours beginning this coming March 7th for 16/17 days. We are following this up with other dates and we shall alter our schedules to experiment and as required.Our March date is a firm one and the schedule chosen is one that is secure. As everything improves, as it is daily, we will enlerge the schedule up to 21 days.

All bookings and deposits made in 2008 for 2009 dates will attract a ground tour discount of 10%.

2009 Mesopotamia tour dates 7th March, April, 5th September (Mesopotamia and Kurdistan combination), 6thOctober, 3rd November. 2010 full programme.

Archaeological and historical tours


7 March, April, 5 September, 6 October, 3 November.

These are our intended dates as we make our return to mainstream Iraq for our tours. All tours will be led by a Hinterland Travel tour leader plus an English speaking Iraq tour guide. Accommodation will be included.

Costs and style of accommodation and meals will, at first, be subject to constant change – but our policy is, as always, to keep costs down as much as possible for our clients and to see as much as can be fitted in, in the three weeks available. Direct flights into Baghdad, when they commence, will mean that we can offer a variety of short combination tours. But for a real experience of ancient, historical, modern or recent history combined with all those fascinating facets of Religious history, past and recent then three weeks is required. We also hope to offer glimpses of Saddam residences, Tikrit and Baghdad.

* as dedicated friends of Iraq and wanting to contribute our share to the future of the country we ask all interested travellers, for now and in the future, to send in us their names and some contact details so that we can update you as the travel opportunities to Iraq begin. Email – hinterland@btconnect.com

7th March 2009 our introductory itinerary (subject to change)
Day 1 London to Damascus
Day 2 Damascus
Day 3 Damascus to Baghdad (flight)
Day 4 Baghdad
Day 5 Baghdad to Samarra to Hatra to Erbil
Day 6 Erbil excursions
Day 7 Erbil to Nimrud, Mar Benham to Assur to Baghdad
Day 8 Baghdad excursions
Day 9 Baghdad to Ctesiphon, to Babylon to Bordippa to Hilla
Day 10 Hilla to Kish to Ukheider to Kerbala
Day 11 Kerbala to El Khifal to Kufa to Najaf
Day 12 Najaf to Nippur to Warka (Uruk) to Larsa to Nasirayah
Day 13 Nasirayah to Ur to Eridu and Tel Ubaid to Nasirayah
Day 14 Marsh area to Basra
Day 15 Basra with excursions
Day 16 Basra to Baghdad by flight or train
Day 17 Baghdad to Damascus to London (flight)