Sgtravelcafe 11 Dec 09: Kevin on Papua

Yesterday, we had another enlightening session of Sgtravelcafe at Marymount View.  This time, Kevin presented on the Eastern Indonesian Province of Papua.  He told us about how Stephan Zhang and him braved the mountains, jungle, fast-moving rivers and knee-thick mud in a treacherous trek across difficult terrain, all without any guide or proper maps!  We were also told about how a people 95% of whom used to walk around almost naked a decade ago are nowadays dressed like you and me due to conversion by Korean missionaries.  The only disappointment the audience felt about this fascinating talk was that Kevin wasn't quite dressed in the traditional Papuan attire, despite telling us about Stephen's collection of Papuan penis gourd!

Dounut did the Brief Moments of the month by telling us about her forays into the Georgian Valleys of Eastern Turkey, with its spectacular Swiss-lookalike Alpine landscapes and Georgian heritage.

Thanks to both Kevin and Dounut! 

To all of you, Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!

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