SgTravelCafe on 8 Jan 10 - Safety Concerns Forum & Cuba

Yes, Marymount View hosted the first Sgtravelcafe of the year on 8 Jan 10.  Over 30 people attended - many of whom are newcomers, including two Americans here for the first time.

We began on the first of the Open Forum series with the topic of Safety Concerns while travelling.  It was an interesting and informative open sharing session on how travellers keep their money and valuables safe from robbers, muggers and pickpockets - be it via money belts, secret pockets, under socks, etc.  We also heard about how pretending (and actually) knowing martial arts help and we had a lively discussion on how that can potentially lead to greater troubles.

Trisha then presented Cuba - we had a lively introduction to the state of affairs and life in Cuba.  This is a country with enormous contradictions - a country with lots of doctors and high literacy levels, but little medical supplies and graduates with little job opportunities.  She also told us about her many interesting encounters and the generous hospitality she received from ordinary Cubans.  We were also enlightened to the social mismatch of Cuban society and the official "mafia" that runs many aspects of Cuban economy.

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