Scenes of Heilongjiang countryside

Photos taken on the overnight train journey from Mohe to Daqing. The journey passed through parts of Inner Mongolia during the night and returned to Heilongjiang.  A pity I didn't get to see Jiaerdaqi in Inner Mongolia.  This small city is the heart of China's Owenki minority which is famous for their reindeer herds and hunting prowess, and a huge cave renowned as the spiritual birthplace of the ancient Xianbei people, once founders of the Northern Wei Dynasty that built many Buddhist monuments in China.  

The train passed through a region of vast open plains where I spied horses in the horizons which then gradually became populated initially by small hamlets, then followed by larger and larger villages,  

We passed by the city of Qiqihaer, Heilongjiang's second largest city and a huge industrial city.  Sharon, the Singaporean I met last night, got off here.  The city is the base to visit the Zhalong Nature Reserve, famous for its magnificent cranes, and also the Wudalianci, a chain of volcanic craters and geological features in the north-central part of the Province.

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