The dodgy Iraqi Pavilion at Expo 2010

The Iraqi Pavilion only opened on 4 June, one week after the Expo opened. Yes, it has a replica of the famous blue gates of Babylon but the pavilion appears to be run by a Chinese team. Apart from photos on reconstruction, scaled model of a (probably Chinese-financed) property development project, models and paintings of the Tales of 1001 Nights, and an interior model of what an Iraqi house looks like (the house has pictures of Kurdish dancers inside...strange), they have a souvenir and food stall within the pavilion. Apart from an overpriced pack of supposed Iraqi dates and Chinese children's comic books on 1001 Nights, this stall sells very un-Iraqi foodstuff such as crab and shrimp dumplings, Tsingdao Beer and French wines. See photos of the menu below! And many of the pictures at the pavilion come with very Chinglish English captions.

I even saw Chinese visitors taking photos with equally Chinese staff of the Iraqi pavilion who were dressed in Arab costume.

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