Pacific Island states at Expo 2010

Most of the Pacific mini states are there at the Expo 2010 too!  Plus places such as Niue, Cook Islands and French Polynesia which are not sovereign states.  The French Polynesian delegation includes the most athletic cultural dancers who were dressed in the traditional hula hula style and the Chinese visitors delight in taking photos with them.  Niue is a small self-governing New Zealand dependency state with a population of only 1800 (and a disspora population of 20-30,000 in Auckland).  The Niue representative told me Chinese visitors to his pavilions often ask if a few zeros have dropped out of the population figure and his shocking answer is NO!  Mrs Solomons at the Nauru Pavilion, when told I would be visiting Nauru in late June, offered to get her husband picked me up at the airport and drive me around.  Wonderful!

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