Canberra - Capital & Museum Hub of Australia

On my 2005 trip to Australia, I visited Sydney, Melbourne and Alice Springs. I've always felt guilty about missing a country's capital city.  Hence, I decided to do a side-trip to Canberra this time.  This was the height of winter and it rained a fair bit during my days in Canberra, but I managed to visit some of the city's key attractions, such as the Parliament House and the amazing War Memorial, the latter one of the finest war museums in the world.  On the leafy streets of Canberra, one also come across many exotic and colourful birds.  In other countries, these wildlife would have long disppeared onto dinner plates.

At the YHA hostel, I also got to know some interesting travellers - including a rare example of a Bohemian ex-radio deejay-now-backpacker in Australia & Asia (hope to see more of such people in a current over-materialistic China) - and we chatted to the wee hours of the night.

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