Singapore’s marathon food tour (bring an empty stomach)

Singapore’s marathon food tour (bring an empty stomach)

  • Joshua Samuel Brown
  • Lonely Planet Author

With two guidebooks on Singapore to my name, you could say that I’ve mastered the Lion City. I’ve walked the alleyways of Little India, basked in bright lights and lady boy smiles on Orchard Road. I’ve even ridden the G-Max reverse bungee without vomiting all over the revelers on Clark Quay.  Yet despite these – and other, even more illustrious achievements – deep down, I feel like a fraud.

You see, one thing I haven’t done is this: I’ve never finished the Joo Chiat Food Walk.

Image by Joshua Samuel Brown

Image by Joshua Samuel Brown

Tony Tan’s food walks are a Singapore institution, not in the mainstream Duck & Hippo Tour sense, but as in ‘people who want to know the real Singapore need to do Food walk’ tour way.

Before I go any further, two points need to be made in the name of full editorial disclosure.

One: Tony Tan is a friend of mine. However, I am famously most critical of those closest to me. Thus,  readers can rest assured that I refer to Mr Tan as ‘a walking encyclopedia of Singapore’ with all journalistic integrity intact.

Two: I am convinced that Tony is trying to murder me through overfeeding.  If  my bloated body should turn up in the Singapore River stuffed colon-to-esophagus withbutter nanchicken rice & Char Kway Teow, cheeks filled with Rojak and both hands gripping chili-pepper crab claws, my posthumous wish is for this essay be used as evidence for the prosecution.

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