WWII in Okinawa

The Battle of Okinawa bitterly fought between US forces and Japan during WWII was the only major land battle fought on Japanese soil during the war.  Despite overwhelming military superiority, US forces took almost 3 months to conquer this small island.  Over 200,000 Japanese civilians and military perished together with 12,000 US soldiers. Many Japanese soldiers committed suicide by jumping off the cliffs during the final stand, often forcing civilians to kill themselves before that.  Today, remnants and monuments to those horrifying battles still stood in Okinawa. 

The legacy of the war remains – Okinawa has since then become the most important US bases in the Far East, and nuclear weapons aim at China and Russia from these islands. The major US bases and the land they occupy are hated by the islanders who would want to regain control of their ancestral properties.

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