Huashan Rock Murals of Guangxi, China

A very rush day taking a 3 hr train ride from Nanning to Ningming County, then hop onto a rural rickshaw truck (30min) to Mingzu Shanzhai where we got onto an 1 hr boat ride - on a rusty old boat that almost couldn't start.  And through a winding river beating with cold bitter winds.  Tall cliffs on most stretches, then a huge wall of prehistoric (2000 yrs old) mysterious red murals of warriors, tribal dancing, dogs and even a queen of sorts.   Unfortunately, due to the fear of falling rocks, visitors are no longer allowed to climb onto the raised platforms next to the cliffs.  Then a long journey back to Ningming where we caught another 1 hr bus to Pingxiang, followed by a taxi ride to Friendship Pass on the Sino-Vietnamese border.

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