Livingstone & Victoria Falls

Does one of the world's greatest natural wonders need an introduction?  I am amazed and privileged to be a visitor to this extraordinary place.

The southern Zambian city of Livingstone, named after the famous 19th century explorer who discovered the source of the Nile.  Livingstone was once the capital to the British colony of Northern Rhodesia, before the capital was moved to Lusaka.  Thank goodness they did move the capital - I cannot imagine the damage to Victoria Falls if a metropolis of 5 million sits beside it...

Had a wonderful first glimpse of the spectacular Victoria Falls and did a microflight over it. What an amazing view! What was also bizarre was that the German pilot told me his pastor is Joseph Prince of Singapore and then he tried to convince me that this falls is the miracle of god.

Completed the day with sundowner drinks and dinner at The Royal Livingstone, right by the falls. Good sunset, so-so food.

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