Another entry on last year's Vesak Day

I met someone some time ago for professional reasons. Since then, she has been sending me at least one (usually two) Christian message or article on a daily basis, even though she knew I am Buddhist. I call this unprofessional.

One fine day, she sent me a large powerpoint file which took so long to download. I wrote an email to remind her I don't need Christian emails, especially large ones. I continued to receive her daily messages of the gospels, though no more large bandwidth killing files. Of course, these sharpened my skills in hitting the delete button.

Last Friday, I finally had enough of such nonsense. I copied and pasted 10 Buddhist prayers onto a single email and sent it to her with the header "Vesak Day Buddhist Prayer Number 1 of 50". Half a day later, I copied another set of prayers and emailed to her with the header "Vesak Day Buddhist Prayer Number 2 of 50".

I no longer received her daily nonsense.


I received an invitation to a birthday party which asks all guests not to bring presents for the birthday girl but give cash instead, with all proceeds going to Christian missionary activities.

I wonder if these people would come if I hold a birthday party and asks all guests to bring cash for Buddhist missionary activities.

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