Birthday of Twa Ya Peh

Thanks to Victor on the lead.  I went to the tentages at the empty land next to Redhill MRT.  It's the temple "Long Chuan Dian" (in Mnadarin) celebrating the birthdays of Cheng Wan (City God) and Twa Ya Peh (Mandarin: Da Er Yeh).  Da Er Yeh refer to the two Nether Gods - the tall Bai Wu Chang and the short Hei Wu Chang. 
The ceremonies began on Thu night when the Jade Emperor "arrived".  Since then, there have been wayang performances and this will continue for the next few days.  On Sat night, there will be "spiritual consultation" at 8:15pm.   On Monday 8:10pm, there will be a major spirit possession ceremony during which visitors are requested not to wear black clothing.    On Tuesday 10pm, there will be possession by "Ji Gong", the monk deity, who will send off the various gods, thus ending the celebrations.
Wee Cheng

Victor Yue  wrote:
Hi Ronni,
Thanks for the tip off. I actually went cruising in my car today (took an afternoon off) looking for the now familiar taoist temple related flags and banners being put along the road leading to the celebration.
Saw one tentage just behind Mobil Station, along Alexandra Road. They are celebrating the birthday of "Tua Li Ya Peh". I am sure there are also quite a number in Singapore. Will try to check out the field opposite to Maxwell Food Centre (this place has already been marked for the building of a Buddhist Temple) as this is the place where there are celebrations of the birthdays of "Tua Li Ya Peh" (in Hokkien) and "San Huang Wu Ti" (in Mandarin).
Send your sightings to the list. (^^)