My entry on Vesak Day 2003 (15 May last year)

My entry on Vesak Day 2003 (15 May last year):

Vesak Day.  For the first time, I got the Mum and Dad to go to Bright Hill Temple with me, at 7am.  Like pilgrims of sort, we walked 2km journey from our place to BHT.  Many worshippers were already there. Good to start early before the sun is up.  All of us have to go through the SARS scanning line first.  We had to fill up a declaration form to say we do not have any of the SARS symptons, hadn't been near any SARS patient, or gone to a hospital or SARS infected region recently.  And then pass through a SARS scanner which looks like a flat panel showing passing images in shades of red, orange or yellow, to display differing temperature. 

We also got our palms printed onto a large greeting wallpiece which was supposed to be presented to the brave medical warriors combating SARS.  Well done, just our expression of gratitude towards these heroes of the Republic. 

It was a hot day and we were soon soaked in perspire.  But it felt good coming here to affirm our faith in the teachings of Buddha. 


In the afternoon, I went to the Guan Yin Temple at Waterloo Street.  I 'qiu qian' for an advice on career.  Times are tough.  For the 2nd time in my life (- last was more than 10 years ago), I actually seek such 'assistance'.  I guess I got a 'shang shang qian'.  I felt a lot more assured.

Then another visit to a temple at CCK where there was a visiting exhibition of Buddha's relics and that of many Buddhist masters.  I think these are owned by the Tibetan Buddhists and they are trying to raise funds for the Maitreya Project which intended to build a gigantic statue of Maitreya in north India.  The statue is supposed to be several times taller than Taj Mahal or Statue of Liberty.

I wonder how many schools and orphanages one can build with such funds.  I did not buy any of the merchandise at that exhibition.


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