A Posting Abt Religious Fundamentalism in Aug 2003

I have mentioned before that a headhunter I knew through professional channels began the very unprofessional habit of emailing me several Christian messages a day, even though she knew I am Buddhist.  I wrote to ask her to stop.  She did, only for a few days and then continued as before.  Then I sent her a number of Buddhist chants and that stopped her activity for a week.  And she continued those irritating messages again.  I sort of gave up after a while.  I simply regarded her messages like the 50 - 70 other junks mails I receive daily.  Hit the delete button.

That was, until a week ago.  I received this ridiculous message from her, calling Singaporeans to pray against the so-called "Plague of Gays".  It was a most vicious message been circulated around by some crazy reverand calling Singaporeans to resist the "immoral, sinful gay lobby" who are allegedly out to destroy Singapore.  This got on my nerves. 

I have been reading about PM Goh's comments on a more open Singapore that should stop discriminate against the gay population, which according to numerous scientific studies, account for at least 10% of any population.  Few countries in the world open criminalises its own population.  Outdated anti-gay Victorian laws here - ironically the real "Western moral influence on our Asian society - place Singapore among the ranks of ultra-conservative and backward countries like Saudi Arabia and Taleban's Afghanistan.  Even truely Confucianist Asian societies like China, Taiwan and Korea have gay rights protected and upheld, and approved gay organizations.  It's time to rid ourselves of outdated views and misconception about gay people and give them equal rights that are enshrined in our Constitution.

I have to condemn those out to derail the gay people's struggle for their rights.  Those are religious fundamentalists out to impose their extremist views on the rest of the country.  The Bible is a holy book for only 15% of the population and it should not the basis of running a modern nation.

I wrote a rebuttal to this lady, reprimanding her for her fascist views, and warned her not to send me such messages any more.  I told her that her messages are ridiculous, fascist, outdated and totally offensive to me as a Buddhist, and that I have no interest in subscribing to a religion that have a hand in most wars and forced conversions worldwide in the last 2000 years.

I have not received any of those propaganda since.


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