Wang Hai Da Bo Gong Temple, Shenton Way

I went to the "Fu De Ce Wang Hai Da Bo Gong" temple ("Temple of the Da Bo Gong Overlooking The Sea" & the "Shrine of Fu De") at the southern end of Shenton Way near MAS Building today. Picked up a leaflet that says that the temple will be celebrating the following events on Sunday 25 July 2004:

- 185th Anniversary of Wang Hai Do Bo Gong (1819)

- 160th Anniversary of the rebuilding of Fu De Ce (1844)

- God Mercy Birthday (Lunar Calendar 19th day of 6th Moon)

There will be a ceremony conducted by Taoist priests and a puppet opera staged. Vegetarian food will be provided from 10am to 3pm.

I thought Da Bo Gong is also Fu De Zheng Shen, so why is it that they seem to imply Fu De Ce is different from Da Bo Gong? Does anyone know?


Wee Cheng