10 reasons why Singapore isn't a good target for terrorist

10 reasons why Singapore isn't a good target for terrorist
     1. Too confusing: is Singapore in China?
     2. Too valuable: Singapore is the place in Southeast
     Asia with the best facilities to hold a terrorist conference.
     3. Too risky - your robes might get caught in MRT
     doors and you could be dragged to your death.
     4. Too expensive: to buy cars in Singapore to place
     the bombs in them.
     5. Too little airspace: Trying to fly a plane into a
     building is too difficult as you're very likely to accidentally
  langgar either airforce jets practicing for the National Day
     Parade or the Starhubblimp.
     6. Too leceh: to hit a sizeable mass of people, you
     have to be constantly updated as to which part of the island is
  having a closing/ opening/ moving/ renovation/ mid-year/ end-of-year/
  end-of-season/ anniversary/ pre-whatever/ post-whatever/ storewide/
  Great Singapore/ Heartland Singapore SALE; or giving away free
  tickets/ books/ gifts/ Hello Kittys/ balloons...
     7. Too gross: you have to drink your recycled pee here.
     8. Too complicated: before you conduct a campaign of
     terror, you'll have to make sure you don't clash with the Courtesy
     Campaign, the Speak Good English Campaign, the Speak Mandarin
     Campaign, etc, etc
     9. Too late: by the time the terrorists get here, most
     of the Singaporeans would have emigrated anyway.
     10. Too small: it takes too much time finding the
     small dot on the world map and they may miss it and hit M'sia
     That's a no-no as M'sia is largely occupied by Muslims.