Yasukuni War Shrine, Tokyo

This is the website of the controversial Yasukuni Shrine in Tokyo, basically Japan's War Memorial:
Asian countries have always expressed unhappiness that the Japanese have never admitted to their crimes during WWII and the repeated visits of Japanese leaders to this shrine which is also dedicated to convicted war criminals. 
Whilst I personally accept that Japanese leaders can pay respect to the country's war dead, I find it disturbing that this shrine also honours the wartime leaders that committed so much atrocities across Asia.  My beliefs are reinforced when I visit this website, whose first page carries articles about the country's war dead, as well as shocking statements (attached below) which basically imply that Japan had not committed war crimes and that the Japanese invasion of Asia during WWII was sought after by Asian countries:

"Japan's dream of building a Great East Asia was necessitated by history and it was sought after by the countries of Asia. We cannot overlook the intent of those who wish to tarnish the good name of the noble souls of Yasukuni. When I was a student at the preparatory school for the military academy, our chief of corps often lamented the fact that the good soldiers died early while speaking about his experience on the China front."
Tell me, how can we Asians ever trust Japan?