A clan association closing down

Just a lament about the closure of my father's clan association.  The Tai Jia Nan Li Tong Xiang Hui (泰家南旅同乡会) of Singapore, whose members were originally from Tai Jia village in Wenchang County, Hainan, is finally closing down after 67 years of existence. 
As societies evolve and intermarriages between different dialect groups become the norm, the relevance of such clan societies are increasingly in question.  As every new generation sees themselves as Singaporeans, the old home village in Hainan is but a distant memory of a much older, disappearing generation. 
I remember its glorier days when hundreds of members and their families attend annual dinners where children were given scholarships and awards.  Now, barely 11 attended its final AGM.
Tai Jia Nan Li Tong Xiang Hui, R.I.P.