Devotee lets himself be cooked for 30 minutes

Wednesday October 20, 2004

Devotee lets himself be cooked for 30 minutes

SUNGAI PETANI: Dripping wet with sweat amid the hot rising steam, Lim Boon Hwa sat cross-legged on a wooden board in a huge wok of steaming pau (dumplings) and corn at the Jin Huang Da Ti Chip Lee Temple in Pekan Lama. 

A giant customised steamer cover was then placed over him and the dumplings and corn. 

The 56-year-old waited it out with religious determination while a blazing fire below steamed him together and the food items. 

Yesterday, was the fourth time Lim performed the feat as a tribute to the Nine Emperor Gods (Kew Ong Yeah).  

ACT OF FAITH: Lim emerging from the giant steamer after 30 minutes as part of his tribute to the Nine Emperor Gods in Sungai Petani, Kedah.
Lim, the caretaker of the temple from Pekan Lama, Sungai Petani, Kedah, was steamed with the dumplings and corn for about half an hour. His record is 45 minutes. 

Temple secretary Goon Fook Theong said that the event was meant to replace the typical Chinese opera show held during the nine-day Kew Ong Yeah festival. 

“Lim’s performance shows the greatness of the Taoist deities in protecting their devotees from harm,” he added. 

Goon said Lim had kept to a vegetarian diet for a week before attempting the feat. 

One thousand people turned up to watch Lim. The cooked pau and jagung were later distributed to “lucky” spectators in the crowd.  

Ten other devotees later performed feats of walking and throwing themselves on glass shards.