Cambodian wine made from Singapore grapes?

I was sent the link to this amazing blog entry by someone:
Check the site for the amazing pictures.


I haven't been blogging much lately. There are good reasons for that (job search, the need to reinstall everything on my PC and, this week, 10- to 12 -hour days at work). As I can't afford to spend my time writing a thousand words today, I've decide to post a couple of pictures.

This was some of the vilest stuff I have ever tasted... for those occasions when you can't make it to the gym, try Cambodian muscle wine, made from Singapore-extracted grapes.

“Wrestler” red wine refined by standardized supervision of laboratory of Ministry of Industry. It is produced from red grape with the combination of imported raw materials. After having taste you will get good health and full of strength. Our company has an honor to inform you that our company's product of “Wrestler” red wine, is factually distilled from red grapes extracted in Singapore with high quality, to be trusted and to your satisfaction. “Wrestler” is a new taste which has never existed before.
For those who have never savored “Wrestler” please join us now. You will sense its valuable and marvelous taste.

A local gentleman told me it is was more drinkable when mixed with coconut.