Shame to the anti-casino campaigners

The anti-casino activists are an irritating bunch.  What do they think they are doing?  Spamming every yahoogroup mailing list with their dodgy petition website?  I received one such posting on the Taoist cultural list that I help to moderate.  This is my reply:

Date: Wed, 15 Dec 2004 04:56:02 -0800 (PST)
From: Tan Wee Cheng
Can you please quote the relevant Taoist text? 
I believe that Taoism is silent about the issue of gambling/casinos.   Taoism urges moderation in whatever one does.  I doubt Taoism is against gambling per se, but against addiction of any kind.  Indeed, one sees 4D numbers in many Taoist temples.  Perhaps the gods would bless the virtous ones who do good in everyday life and allow them to win lotteries.  Taoist teachers and mediums say that the evildoers should not expect the gods to grant them any favour.
In fact, gambling has been a traditional Chinese pastime for ages - It is a manifestation of the Chinese ability to manage risk and seek opportunities in the most unexpected places.  Many high-end gamblers are in fact stock brokers, traders and opportunistic businessmen.  
I am personally very sceptical about the anti-casino campaign.  I doubt it is a mere front for certain religious fundamentalists to push for their own agenda, which also includes discrimination against gay and lesbian citizens of this country, abortion and stem cell research.  We have to be careful not to fall into their trap.
As this is a list devoted to Taoist rituals and customs, I personally think anti-casino lobbying is rather inappropriate unless it has a Taoist context.
Just my 2cents worth.
Wee Cheng

EDIE <> wrote:
Hi All,
Today, I have a contribution - relevant, I hope. At least I believe Taoism is against gambling and Casinos.
So for your convenience, you can go quickly to the url below to vote. I'm no 4149 already.
Thanks for making SGP a better and hopefully Greener place.

If you are not against the idea, thank you for your time to read this email nonetheless.