Why The Rejection of Snowball 04 is Bad for Singapore

This article by a Singaporean gay banker articulates why banning Snowball party is a bad idea: http://www.oursafehaven.com/articles/Snowball.htm 
It's amazing that Singapore, along with fundamentalist Arab states, are the only countries in the world that continues to discriminates gay and lesbian people - which accounts for 10% of the national population - even more than the Indian community here!  Should we allow our national agenda be captured by the religious fundamentalists? 
The police press statement talks about Singapore being a conservative society where kissing between people of the same sex would be affront to the large majority of the Singaporeans.  Utterly ridiculous remarks! 
How conservative are Singaporeans?  Just go to Geylang or Orchard Rd after dark and you see the many thousands of brothel patrons and the ladies of the night.  And the ever-busy Hotel 81's with never ending new branches opening.   How about Zoukout where half naked couples partying mad on the same beach Snowball was supposed to be held?  Doesn't anyone know how easy it is to pick up girls in the many night clubs in Singapore?  And how about the many Singaporeans who patronise KTVs and massage parlours when they travel abroad on holidays or business? 
Why should they be bothered about people of the same sex who show their affections for each other in private parties like Snowball?  Maybe those who are "conservative" should not even be there in the first place!