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To The Editor, The Economist

I wonder if the views expressed in The Economist’s leader “History, Riots & Trade Rows” (22 April 2005) would be any different if Japan denies Pearl Harbour and Changi Prison in its textbooks. Placing the blame of the protests on China is like blaming the Jews for Nazi atrocities. Protestors in China and South Korea have expressed the views long felt by the people of many parts of Asia, including Singapore, Malaysia and the Philippines. Japan has never admitted to the murder of 50,000 Singaporeans in the first week of Japanese occupation in Singapore.

Tan Wee Cheng


Passerby A said…
Hi Wee Cheng

Interesting blog, but I don't understand what is the focus of your posts. Do you have a centralised theme, or do you just want to highlight current affairs?

Well, happy travelling.

Diamond (S'porean lah)