Personal Changes / Timor Leste

Dear All,
I have just submitted my resignation from the Monetary Authority of Singapore and my last day at work will be 18 May 2005.  I will at a later date announce details of my new employer which is a corporate role that would involve spending at least 50% of the time in an ancient city of one of the world's oldest civilisations.  And yes, please do not send any message to my MAS email address.  Try the one on this email (
Have been busy over career change recently and little time to write about my East Timor experiences.  Instead, I have now put up a photo website of East Timor at  Please drop by and send me your comments.
Happy surfing!
Wee Cheng

Timor Leste 2005

Democratic Republic of Timor Leste

Land of Pristine White Beaches, Untouched Reefs & A Most Friendly People

Once upon a time, a boy saved a crocodile and in return for the favour, he brought the boy round the world on its back.  When the crocodile died, its body grew and grew until its spine became mountains and its scales the hills of Timor.  Hence the crocodile shaped island of Timor.

Dili - The Sleepy Capital of Timor Leste

By the Beaches of Dili

Inland Areas - Into The Misty Mountains

Guan Di Miao - Chinese Temple in Dili

The Eastern End - On The Way To Com, Tutuala & Los Palos

Com & the Friendly People of Timor Leste

thm_P3270405.jpg thm_P3280034.jpg thm_P3250258.jpg thm_P3270399.jpg