Time's galloping away rapidly. I dug out my old vaccination certificate, made in Nov 2001 in London before I departed for my Big Trip. It noted:

Yellow Fever - 10 years
Typhoid - 3 years
Diphtheria & Tetanus - 10 years

But an African and South Asian odyssey would demand much more. And my typhoid is out of date...

Went to the TTSH Travel Clinic on Monday where the doctor said she had spent 5 months in Africa including 1 month serving as a doc in Zimbabwe and 4 months backpacking, I went for the following:

Japanese Encephalitis - 3 years
Rabies - 10 years
Oral Polio - 10 years
Typhoid booster - 2 years
Meningococcal - 3 years

Injections that day cost S$262.50.

Also stocked up on 33 weeks worth of mefloquine malaria pills (S$69.55).

More injections on 10 Sept and 1 October.