Progress & the Lack of Progress

Making progress...

Got the Indian visa S$90 for 6 months, via Mustafa on 28th Sept - check out

Done final (3rd) round of vaccinations on Mon 1Oct, S$197.

Paid for air ticket SIN-DXB-ACC/NAIROBI-DXB-SIN S$2,327.

Jason agreeing to join me in Nepal & North India.

Not-so-good progress on Caribbean - still stuck over limited time, uncertain tours to the famous Kaiteur Falls of Guyana, and ridiculously priced Air Caraibes/Air France flights from Cayenne to Fort-de-France. They are stressing me out!

Briefly contemplating giving up Sri Lanka for North East India. Have since abandoned the idea but still checking out on the Hornbill Festival of Nagaland 1-5 Dec.