The Yemeni Surprise

Kelly and Kris were at my place on Saturday night. A surprise outcome emerged from discussions about where they should go for holidays during the 2nd half of December. Nagaland out due to complications with permits. Yemen came into the picture and they even persuaded me to ditch Sri Lanka to join them. A few reasons:

- Both Yemen and Sri Lanka are places one should travel around in a hired vehicle/driver. Yemen - because of security situation and government permits are required outside the capital. Sri Lanka because it's cheap to do so, and it's most efficient way to see this country with some spread out sights. I have no one to join me in a rented car in Sri Lanka, which was the reason I abandoned Yemen in May 07. It's not costly to do so but it would be such a waste if only I am in the car. Now that the girls want to do Yemen, I should join them. They wouldn't do Sri Lanka because Kelly had already been there.

- Sri Lanka appears to be sliding towards war, with tension rising in the North. Always a risk the Tamil Tigers would attack Colombo again as they did a few months ago in a move that humiliated the Sri Lankan government when they attacked Colombo's international airport. Heard Jaffna is once again being besieged and permits are needed to get there.

Gary Ho may also join us...

We did a quick flight check and will reconfirm again this week. For me, this would mean flying from Male (Maldives) to Sanaa via Doha, booking another flight from Sanaa to Dubai; plus changing my SIA miles redemption flight from CMB-SIN to DXB-SIN, at a penalty charge of 2000 miles.