Sanaa, Yemen

In Sanaa, capital of Yemen. Clear blue skies – zero pollution.
It's Id, what we called Hari Raya Haji in Singapore.  All shops closed except for qat stalls.  Many men sitting around doing nothing but having the notorious qat.  A very bitter stimulant herb and I didn't feel more awake or high. Not sure why they love it. Some Yemeni spent 30 to 50% of their income on that.  Indeed a small bag shown to me cost 5000 Rials or US$25.  75% ofYemen's arable land is  taken up for qat production.  That is serious!  A mental and social revolution is needed to change that form of mindset.
Also visited the old Jewish village of Bayt Baws. Picturesque and good view over Sanaa. 
Old Sanaa is quaint but not so enchanting, or maybe I need someone to guide me.