South is cheaper

The further south I go the less hassle I get from cheats and touts, and the cheaper it is. Last night's accommodation was Rs 200 (S$8), egg beryani Rs 30 (S$1.20), tandori chicken Rs 40 (S$1.60) and lime juice Rs 5 (S$0.20).  Think I am getting acclimatized to local food and water. I even drink uncanned plain water provided in local coffee shops and eat in cheap places (sometimes even have ice cream shakes) with no problems – so far ok, keeping my fingers crossed.  I no longer have stomach ache having curry as I sometimes do in Singapore.  In fact, I have curry very often in India.  But I have a problem with moving across regions with different temperature too quickly and the heat here tires me tremendously.  And I start shaking my head sideways like the locals when I talk to them!