Georgetown, Guyana: Safety issues

7am. 9 Jan 08.
Arrived at Rima Guesthouse in the city centre of Georgetown, capital of Guyana at midnight. Didn't sleep alot. Got up early to ring travel agent to find out status of my Kaieteur tour. From my window, GT looks like a quaint town of Victorian wooden architecture and bright green gardens.  Tempted to walk on the streets and so I asked the guesthouse owner how safe it would be to do so now, given that the guidebook says this is a very dangerous city.  She said, no no, don't walk around now when the shops aren't open.  I would attract the attention of the "Bad Guys".  Walk around after 8am, when shops are open and office workers go to work.  It would be safe then, she said.  So the peaceful scene from the windows are deceiving.  This is a dangerous town!
Oh good thing is, there is WIFI from my hotel room.  Again, M1 does not roam in Guyana.  I am relying on my Trinidad SIM - but some people didn't receive the sms I sent out from it either...