Kenya in chaos

Oh dear... Kenya has descended into anarchy.  Once an imperfect example of African stablity and progress, Kenya's elections have turned into farce and the president has not convinced all Kenyans that he had won the elections fairly.  Riots and ethnic cleansing are now taking place.  Will Kenya become another Cote d'Ivoire (Ivory Coast) and fall into pieces like the once formerly well-off West African state?
I'm supposed to fly out of Africa from Nairobi in May.  I wonder whether I would be forced to change my flights.


Richard Trillo said…
I've been very disheartened by the Kenya disaster. But it's not the first time. All this talk in the media of Kenya's "stability" is based on very short memories or just ignorance. The ethnic cleansing that accompanied the 1992 elections was worse than what has happened so far – though we may still see much worse this time before it gets better. I was travelling in Kenya in December 1992, and remember the fires of burning houses out in the rural areas near Eldoret as I drove back from the west one night. But I personally never felt threatened. Like then, the tourist industry has virtually closed down, which amplifies the disaster. But do stick to your plans and go.

Richard Trillo