Bamako, Mali now

Arrived in Bamako, capital of the great Sahara nation of Mali late afternoon on Tuesday. Will be here for one day before heading for exotic Ouagadougou of Burkina Faso. Mali has a lot to see and I will be back here on 7 March to spend a few weeks here.

Temperature is 40'C. We were hit by the heat the moment we walked out of the plane. The predominant colours are reddish-brown - colour of the soil, the light , the mud-brick buildings, etc. On the car, it does look that Bamako has many huge modern monuments and memorials. The rooftops of many modern buildings here are built in the pseudo-Sahara style of architecture Mali is famous for.

The first hotel we went to was completely full and we rang up another which was full too. We settled for Le Djenne which was almost full... very nice traditional style building with WIFI signals in some areas.