Back in Abra Minch; Last few days in Amazing Southwest

Dear All,
Now back in the city of Abra Minch after a few days in the very backward South Omo region of southwest Ethiopia, very near to the borders with Sudan and Kenya. Now staying at Abra Minch Tourist Hotel, which is modern and comfortable.
The past few days in South Omo had been tough in terms of the road conditions (more mud tracks than roads), lodging and food, but incredibly amazing in terms of the things I have seen. I feel very privileged to have seen some of the strangest tribes in my lives, and I feel as though I live in the era of the great explorers. I would never have imagined that I would in my lifetime have seen such strange phenomena. I have visited a number of primitive tribes in the region who go around almost naked except for a rifle and a blanket, punch large holes in their lips and ears, and scar their bodies with strange tattoos. I took many photos, and will sort them out and post them online. They are among the most amazing I have taken in my life, and are as spectacular as those I took in Nagaland and Bhutan.
Tomorrow I will visit the nearby national park and see hippos and giant crocodiles, before heading for the regional capital of Awassa. A night there and then back to Addis Ababa, capital of Ethiopia. I would definitely look for Chinese restaurants there. Food in the south was really bad!
Wee Cheng