Giraffe Adventure

Today, we bought the bus ticket to Abomay in the southern part of Benin, Niger's neighbouring country. This is an air con coach which will travel for 1000km southwards. The bus sets off at 4am on Sunday and may reach our destination in perhaps 14 hours.
We walked around Niamey today. Very hot but we didn't perspire much – it's very very dry heat of the Sahara Desert. Drinking a lot of water but still feel very dry. The whole place is very sandy and our faces, clothes and all over were covered by a layer of dust and sand after merely one hour of walking around the city centre. There are also Sahara Tuareg nomads walking around the streets with donkeys and camels. This is the world's poorest country but people are very friendly. We hired a taxi to bring us 70km out of Niamey to visit the Giraffe reserve. We saw a number of wild giraffe in their natural environment. Amazing.