Back to Asmara after Massawa; Djibouti tomorrow

Did a day trip to the historic port city of Massawa. Travelled from Asmara's 2400m above sea level to sea level and then back again. Dramatic mountain scenery.

I met an extraordinary 80 years old one-legged Japanese-American man who has lived here for 10 years and he told me his most unusual life story, including being detained in a concentration camp during WWII, his expulsion to Japan, return to America and how he ended up living in Eritrea. His whole life deserves a book!

Also had lots of interesting conversations with ordinary Eritreans, how they hated the current regime, how stupid they think the conflict with Ethiopia is, and their desire for peace.

Tomorrow I fly back to Djibouti. Will spend a night there before going to Somaliland.