Bk in DJibouti; Hargeisa tomorrow

Dear All,
Just got back to Djibouti's Harseed Hotel from Asmara. Had interesting conversation with a Singapore-based Australian mining executive and a retired Eritrean-American university professor on the plane. Gained interesting insights into mining business in Africa and the political mindset of Eritreans on issues of border disputes and national identity.
Got Djibouti visa on arrival at Djibouti Airport, which costs only US$17, compared to US$30 when I got one for the first time at the Djibouti Embassy in Addis Ababa. No problem getting visas if one flies in. Even Chinese and Somali citizens get visas on arrival. If you cross overland, an advanced visa is advisable.
Flying to Hargeisa in Republic of Somaliland in the late afternoon tomorrow, on Dallo Airlines.
Wee Cheng