Kigali now

Now in Kigali, capital of Rwanda. Stayed at Toshi and Yuri Mito's house last night and today we drove (very, very scenic through volcano-flanked valleys) on Mitos' UN vehicle to Gishenyi on Lake Kivu, right on the border with the war-thorn Democratic Republic of the Congo. We went to the border post and viewed the Congolese flag from 50 meters away.

Then we had late lunch at a 5-star luxury hotel by the beaches of Lake Kivu, where wealthy Rwandaese and foreigners (probably NGO and UN people) sun-tanned. From here, one could see the tall mountains and volcanoes of Congo and buildings of Goma City, Congo. Fighting between rival Congolese rebel groups and government army take place just across that border. It is so surreal that people are relaxing and suntanning this side of the lake.

On the next 2 nights, I will stay at Hotel Okapi in Kigali, which is downtown and more convenient than the Mitos' beautiful house on the mountains overlooking the city of Kigali.