Libya now; Visa complications

Now in Tripoli, Libya. We arrived yesterday afternoon and experienced one of our most nightmarish bureaucratic experiences ever. We spent 5 hours at the airport because the Libyans, whilst they had evidence of our visa approval, couldn¡¯t find original copy (i.e., they have copy but not original) of Gary¡¯s visa invitation letter in their file records. As a result, they refused to grant Gary the visa and we spent much time dealing with the issue. Many tourists also had all sorts of problems and were stuck at the airport. We were allowed to leave the airport by 7pm but had to revert to the airport to deal with the issue today. Unbelievable right? Our itinerary also has to change as a result of this fiasco. Was supposed to set off for Sahara today but now has to change air tickets and hotel bookings.