Ghadames - Jewel of the Desert

Ghadames, located near the tri-border region of Libya, Tunisia and Algeria, was once a major caravan trading town. Here, settled Tuaregs built a city of palm gardens with a sophisticated water distribution system and a natural air ventilation system that allows its inhabitants to enjoy natural air condition environment much welcomed in a desert environment where temperature often rise to 45-50¡¯C range during the hot season. (The world¡¯s hottest ever recorded temperature was 53¡¯C in a location south of Tripoli in the 1960s). Ghadames¡¯ labyrinth-like sheltered streets and whitewashed walls was amazing, and evoked images of Death Vardar and Skywalker¡¯s Star Wars locale. In fact, the movie was filmed in nearby towns in southern Tunisia, which bears a similar kind of local architecture.