Nalut ¨C Berber city of northern Libya

Located on top of Jebel Nafusa near the border with Tunisia, Nalut is an important cultural centre for the Berber people, the original inhabitants of North Africa, many of whom have fair complexion and blue and green eyes. One can find signboards in the very symbol-like alphabet of the Berber language here. We visited the Nalut Castle with its amazing claustrophobic, closely-built rooms. Here one also finds many Tunisian vehicles loading up on cheap Libyan petrol, to sell across the border in Tunisia.
We heard that tap water in Libya is free, much of which is ancient fossil water from the deep underground reservoirs under the Sahara Desert. Gaddafi has built the Great Man-Made River Project, which bring such water to Libya¡¯s coastal cities. Critics say the project could potentially destroy the water table of the Sahara, lead to the destruction of Sahara¡¯s oases, and result in wastage of water on the coast.