Now using Khartoum Airport's WIFI

Now at Khartoum Airport, about to fly to Sharjah. Guess what? I am using the super-fast wireless internet here.

Today, I hired a car and driver to visit the ancient pyramids of Sudan. Quite amazing. A valley of over 30 pyramids in the desert, totally deserted, with me as the only visitor for the day. Plus ancient Egyptian-style temples and palace ruins.

Glad to leave Sudan despite local hospitality. It's 50'C the past few days! Too hot! I am also tired with the poor choice of food here.

Last night, I got invited to an expat's party - very international. Lots of UN and NGO people, assorted business people and even English-fluent China businessmen, plus upper class Sudanese who are surprisingly westernised for a country the world media portray as fundamentalist, totalitarian, etc.