Finally back in Singapore! Emergency Evacuation from Taipei

Typhoon Jangmi starts to hammer Taiwan.  Heavy rain and howling winds across Taipei.  I was supposed to take the evening flight on 28 Sept but news report that all Taiwan have declared "不上班,不上课" which means "no work, no school" - i.e., everything shuts down.  I was worried about flights being cancelled as well, especially as I checked Taoyuan International Airport website that showed domestic flights being cancelled wholesale. 
I rang SIA 's airport office.  They said a plane was still on its way to Taipei in order to pick passengers out at 2:20pm, but they cannot guarantee the evening flight (on which I was booked on) would still take place.  They suggested that I changed to the 2:20pm flight so that I can get back to Singapore on time.  Yes, I needed to do that so as I might only get back on Tuesday if the evening flight is cancelled.  And I have NTU classes on Tuesday.  So I agreed and here I am - back in Singapore!
After I changed the flight, I rushed for breakfast and then back to hotel to check out.  Completely wet by the heavy rain... mad rush to the airport - almost like an emergency evacuation.  SIA's check in counters even advised the need to be punctual or even earlier at boarding gates, so that we could take off quickly ahead of the typhoon.  What a day!