Celebrations of Tuo Ta Yuan (托塔院) at Paya Lebar MRT

Came across the enormous ceremonial tentage of Tuo Ta Yuan (托塔院) at Paya Lebar MRT.  This Geylang temple was celebrating the anniversary of its chief deity, known as The Li Heavenly God (李天王) or Li Jing (李靖).  The institution obviously has lots of funding.  There were lots of paper offerings of the usual heavenly marshals on their horses as well as various protector gods.  There was even a huge red mat on which rice seeds were laid out to form Chinese words and religious symbols.  There were also many pails of offerings from individual worshippers.  At one corner of the tentage was an altar dedicated to Nadugong, with huge stones in front of the yellow-robed Malay-Chinese god. 


At the northwestern side of the tentage was the setup for the Chaodu ceremony, with paper house offerings to the dead as well as elaborate paintings of the scenes of the Taoist Hell.