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I have just loaned this Cambodian US$25 through Kiva.org:

Seyha Mao

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$600.00   Loan Request
$600.00   Raised so far

About the Entrepreneur

Name: Seyha Mao
Location: Muk Kampoul district, Cambodia
Primary Activity: Cattle
Loan Requested: $600.00
Repayment Term: 12 months - details
Loan Use: To purchase a cow for raising and some to help pay school fees for his brother.
Date Posted: Dec 9, 2008
Disbursal Date: Nov 20, 2008

Seyha Mao, 32, and his wife, Sophy Phal, 25, live about seventeen Kilometers from Phnom Penh. They were married in 2002 and have two daughters. Their eldest daughter attends primary school. Seyha has been a truck driver in a garment factory near his village for four years. His wife is a housewife and raises cows in the village. Seyha is requesting a loan of $600 to purchase one cow for his wife and some to pay school fees for his brother who studies at the University in Phnom Penh.