Mark Elliot & Danielle Systermans

I met my old friends, Mark Elliot and his wife, Dani, this afternoon, when they flew here en route to KL.  Mark was the renowned writer of over 20 guidebooks, including the best guide to Azerbaijan - the Trailblazer Guide to Azerbaijan and the legendary Asia Overland Guide.  He has also written chapters for Lonely Planet guides to India, Northeast India, Russia, etc.  It was great meeting him again after all these years.  Interestingly, the Facebook has allowed us to keep tabs of where we have been going and what we have been doing.
Not to mention the wrong arrival day fiasco...haha...
Yes, I brought them to the fabulous Marina Barrage, then through Shenton Way area.  We had good satay at Lau Pat Sat, then checked out the luxurious Fullerton Hotel, Merlion Park and surround areas.  Very nice catching up.