Hosting SgTravelCafe again: Cheng Chin Yuen presenting Argentina, Chile and Bolivia

It's time of the month again. This time, I hosted the event again and we were honoured to get Cheng Chin Yuen to speak about his five months backpacking in Argentina, Chile and Bolivia. Chin Yuen was a very engaging speaker and a regular on the travel speaking circuit in schools, community clubs and other public venues. He proved to be an enthusiastic and humourous speaker as well as keen social observer.

In what was one of our longest-ever but also one of the most entertaining presentations ever hosted (2 straight hours), Chin Yuen brought us into the exoticism and excitement of his inspiring journey through the small towns and the wilderness of Latin America. And we had an attendance of about 40 people - one of the largest ever!

I look forward to more exciting presentations in the future.