What is 不折腾?

So, what is 不折腾?

EastSouthWestNorth Blog: "What is that again, Mr Hu? By Peh Shing Huei. December 31, 2008.
During a commemorative event to celebrate 30 years of China's reform and opening up policy on Dec 18, Mr Hu took a rare break from official speak and used a colloquial phrase.
His words 'bu zhe teng' - or do not 'zhe teng' - drew audible gasps and laughter from audience in the Great Hall of the People. 'Zhe teng' is a phrase popular among the people in northern China, but rarely, if ever, used by central government officials in a formal setting."...

See http://blogs.straitstimes.com/2008/12/31/what-is-that-again-mr-hu

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