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This latest fraudster has dual-US-Antiguan citizenship and he was knighted "Sir" by the government of Antigua, which is a monarchy with QEII as head of state. When I visited Antigua in 2007, I saw posters and billboards of Stanford International Bank everywhere. You pass their enormous and classy HQ the moment you drive out of the airport. Antiguans spoke of Stanford Group as a global banking institution and yet I remembering being puzzled what exactly is this organization. Now we know.


BBC NEWS Americas Agents find billionaire Stanford: "Agents find billionaire Stanford

Sir Allen (here in an archive image) is also a cricket promoter

FBI agents in the US state of Virginia have served Texan billionaire Sir Allen Stanford with civil legal papers from the US financial watchdog, the SEC.
Sir Allen, who disappeared from public view on Tuesday when he was accused by the SEC of an $8bn (£5.6bn) fraud, is believed to be in the Richmond area.
The SEC filed a civil case in court describing the case as a 'fraud of shocking magnitude'."